How to be here?

How To Be Here?

By Car

If you enjoy driving, consider this method to Jerantut. From Kuala Lumpur drive to Jerantut for 175km in distance. In ordinary weather conditions and normal speed limit you can reach to Jerantut within 2 and half hours.

To be here from Kuala Lumpur you can just using Karak Highway and exit to Temerloh. From the exit of Temerloh you just need 35 minutes to be arrived at Jerantut town.

By Bus

  • Jerantut-Mentakab-Kuala Lumpur (Metro Bus)
  • Kuala Lumpur-Mentakab-Jerantut (Metro Bus)
  • Jerantut-Temerloh-Kuantan (Transnasional Bus)

By Train

“Local train through jungle is very charming”. The statement was made by many tourist that have been used the train as their journey. For anyone who is obsessed with the train, Jerantut is titled as Train Adventure Tourism. The following is a schedule of travel time by train:

Senandung Wau Express

  • Tumpat-Jerantut-Kuala Lumpur (Arrived 1.10am at Jerantut)
  • Kuala Lumpur-Jerantut-Tumpat (Arrived 3.00am at Jerantut)

Senandung Timuran Express

  • Tumpat-Jerantut-Woodlands (Arrived 3.15am at Jerantut)
  • Woodlands-Jerantut-Tumpat (Arrived 2.10am at Jerantut)

Sinaran Timur Express

  • Tumpat-Jerantut-Woodlands (Arrived 1.50pm at Jerantut)
  • Woodlands-Jerantut-Woodlands (Arrived 12.40pm at Jerantut)