Jerantut Attraction

Get to the top of Bukit Istana to have panorama view of Jerantut town from the view point. It just 10 minutes drive from Jerantut town.

Guan Yin Temple

A Chinese temple where just located nearby Jerantut train station. It just takes 2 minutes walk from the train station.

Taman Warisan (Heritage Garden)

A recreation park which just located at the Bukit Istana. There was a simple jungle trekking trail where local people use to jogging everyday.

Kota Gelanggi Cave

An 150 million year old historical and mythical caves complex and witness its unique flora, fauna and its magnificent rock formations which will definitely captivate you. With cave chambers dubbed to be one of the best in this region (just 20 minutes drive from Jerantut town), Kota Gelanggi Caves offers an inspiring and breathtaking adventure experience.

Indulge in the myths behind these caves and explore the wonderful works of nature through beautiful rock formations sculptured by time. Drop by and witness these wonders yourself and experience the beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites as well as the unique and strangely shaped rock formations. All crafted with fitness by the time and nature.

Night Market

Every Saturday night, there was a night market at Pasar Besar Jerantut. Just taste the local food and snack over there.

Lata Meraung Waterfall

A scenic waterfall where just 30 minutes drive from Jerantut town and series of rapids hidden from public sights than the main waterfall. There was a golf course (called Lembah Kiol Golf Course) and recreation park, just a stone throw away from the waterfall. Before you reach the waterfall, just stop at the Kampung orang asli and visit their village.

Sungai Pahang

Sungai Pahang, the longest river in Peninsular Malaysia.  There will have bamboo rafting competition every year which organized by government.

Taman Negara

Taman Negara is Malaysia’s largest National Park. It’s the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. You can pay it a visit, but you have to buy a permit. In this National Park live: leopards, tigers, boars, deer, elephants, rhinoceros, hornbills, monkeys and many other animals.

Mat Kilau Mausoleum

Mat Kilau was born in 1847 in Kampung Masjid Pulau Tawar, near Jerantut, Pahang, son of Khatib Rasu (later Imam Perang Indera Gajah) or Tok Gajah, who was one of the district chiefs of Pahang


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